Setting Up a Patient Portal

setting up a patient portal This series explores ways to tackle the key issues affecting the efficiency of your physicians practice. In the first part, we looked at workflow mapping and how it can help eliminate waste and create value. At the end of the article, we shared some practical examples of

Mapping Workflow

Mapping workflow
As a physician, you want to give your patients the best care and user experience to make them feel at ease and, ultimately, healthy. But we all know it’s not as simple as that. A number of stumbling blocks prevent physicians from working at their optimum level of efficiency and this ultimately results in poor patient care. In this three part seri

Life as a Physician: Reconnecting with Your Inner Self

Life as a Physician
To live your life as a physician isn’t a lighthearted decision; it involves commitment, enthusiasm, and immense determination and drive. Chances are your decision to become a physician was based upon a dream of serving humanity, balanced with a desire for steady career progress in an extremely rewarding field. Am I right? Remember the early yea

Mobile Matters in Healthcare

digitalizing healthcare industry
Today, we live in an ever-evolving digital world, from the need for highly enriched digital experiences to the ever-increasing foothold of mobile. Every aspect of our lives connects us digitally, in some way or another. The healthcare industry is no different, as we enter a crucial shift where patient experience meets digital expectations, pushing