U.S. Healthcare Practical Solutions

U.S. Healthcare Practical Solutions
Considering the regulatory hurdles facing U.S. healthcare, we decided to take a different approach into learning how to overcome these challenges and adapt new regulations within a physician's practice. Two of the most important factors pertaining to today’s healthca

How to Afford to Stay Independent?

Clodoc-afford to stay independent
Nowadays, most doctors value independence because they are content with running their own medical practices as they see fit. However, there comes a price to pay with independence: financial burdens and patient retention. So how can you afford to stay independent? How can you keep your medical practice not only thriving, but also continuing to succe

Improving Costs in Physician’s Practice

improving costs in physician's practice
In order to gain efficiency, the healthcare system needs to consider improving costs in physician's practice, as well as mapping workflow and utilizing the patient portal. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), of all the participating countries, the US spends the most on healthcare, over $8,000 each year

Setting Up a Patient Portal

setting up a patient portal This series explores ways to tackle the key issues affecting the efficiency of your physicians practice. In the first part, we looked at workflow mapping and how it can help eliminate waste and create value. At the end of the article, we shared some practical examples of

Mapping Workflow

Mapping workflow
As a physician, you want to give your patients the best care and user experience to make them feel at ease and, ultimately, healthy. But we all know it’s not as simple as that. A number of stumbling blocks prevent physicians from working at their optimum level of efficiency and this ultimately results in poor patient care. In this three part seri